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Triton One Design Class of San Francisco Bay

December Newsletter

The Triton One Design Class of San Francisco Bay (TODSF) is a non-profit corporation to promote and sustain the interests of Triton owners and enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. There are some 80 Tritons in the S. F. Bay area. TODSF sustains interest and enthusiasm in an number of ways. TODSF is an organization for maintaining a vibrant, competitive racing fleet. For 36 consecutive years Tritons have raced on the Bay as a one-design class in San Francisco's YRA. We organize special sailing events such as the Perpetual Trophy race open to all Tritons (and using working sails only); tune-up-races and "formation sailing". We hold Spring & Fall dinners (our November dinner was attended by 50) plus an informal Summer Bash after our Perpetual Trophy race at the annual Plastic Classic Regatta. TODSF is also an organization for gathering and spreading information about Tritons. We have regular newsletters , occasional maintenance clinics, regularly check-out each others boats and, now, a web-page. We are part of an active National Triton Owner's association and actively host and participate in bi-annual Nationals (The 1998 Nationals will be held on Chesapeake Bay).

For more than 38 years, since 1961, Tritons have sailed San Francisco Bay. As new generations of sailors learn the virtues of these wonderful boats, they carry on the traditions that keep will keep Tritons sailing on the bay for another 36 years.

About the Pearson Triton

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December Newsletter

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