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+ Summer, 1999


Laundry day for Different Drum, #398, in Porto Santo (600 miles east of Portugal)


*Thanks to Dot Stevens and Dick Wilson

*NTA Officers

*Tritons on-line

*Beginners guide to sailing the Triton web

*Feature Article:

Different Drum Across the Atlantic

And back




Thanks to Dot Stevens and Dick Wilson

For more years than many of us have had our Tritons, Dot Sevens and Dick Wilson have been Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, of the National Triton Association. For the past few years they did this in spite of the fact that Dot and her husband Tom moved to a Nonsuch and Dick and his wife Meg entrusted their "old family retainer", Answer #374, to daughter Nancy and husband Steve. For the last year or so both Dot and Dick have been rather keen on retiring from the job and have finally found their successors (We could almost hear their cheers when they heard the news!). A small article like this can't begin to recognize and thank them for their contributions. However, we can, and do, make them Honorary Members of the National Triton Association and shall see to it that they continue to receive newsletters and know what is going on in the fleets.

Dot and Dick, Thanks!

1999 NTA Officers

Ann Gilleran- Treasurer. Ann and her husband Pat sail Nevermind out of Vallejo, California. Ann Gilleran, 2068 W. Pueblos Ave, Napa, CA 94558

Larry Suter- Secretary (and Webmaster). Dogstar, #607, out of Richmond, CA. 1643 Warsaw Ave., Livermore, CA 94550. 925-443-8952

Bill Bell- Research and Development Officer, Kialoa, #41, P. O. Box #88, Birch Harbor, ME, 04613 207-963-2390

Fleet Liason Officer- Chris Gordon, 3537 Hamlet Place, Chevy Chase, MD 20815,


Commodore- Errrr, this is where we may have a small problem. Tom Newton is Commodore-elect for Y2K since the San Francisco Fleet is planning to host a National Regatta the first weekend in October, 2000. Right now the NTA seems to be in the hands of a Left Coast Junta supported by a bunch of webheads who chatter constantly on the Triton discussion group. Don't like the situation/want to do something about it? Contact the Secretary and don't forget to invite him for a sail and a beer.

Send News not Money

In her first official act as new Treasurer, Ann Gilleran looked at the bank account and said, "Wow!" Consequently, we have decided to not do the dues-thing in '99. We're sending this newsletter to everyone paid up last year. However, for the newsletter to be worthwhile we need, well, news or articles. So think about what it is YOU could write about, and drop me (Larry Suter) a line at the address above or give me a call. Please.