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Reprinted from the Ariel News Letter


A substitute window frame assembly may have been found for Ariels, Tritons and other early Pearsons with large fixed windows. The frames are available from Mark Plastics of Corona, California. Mark's frames are made from an off white vinyl plastic and come with either clear or smoked acrylic panes already mounted. The window kits also include all mounting hardware.

Marc Daniels (#111) in Cataumet, Massachusetts, wrote that he had replaced his large windows with GO Marine Windows about ten years ago. He said that they were holding up very well and still looked good. More importantly, he said that they were inexpensive compared to the metal frames from Rostand RI. With such a positive recommendation, your Association contacted Mark Heacox, the owner of Mark Plastics and maker of GO Marine Windows. And, with the assistance of Jim Pinterich (#143) in Santa Clara, California, we arranged to have Mark produce a window frame assembly for evaluation.

The window assembly arrived in about ten days. On the following Sunday, the Ariel Association Fixed Window Assembly Review Committee met to evaluate the new window frame. It was agreed by all that the GO windows were well made and should be found acceptable by most owners. The exterior flange of the frame is thinner and much flatter than that of the original metal frame. It appears very similar to the window frames found in Ericson and Cal boats.

The windows were still out of my boat, so the committee used it to check the fit of the GO windows. As had been predicted by Mark Heacox, the large compound curve cut in the cabin would have to be ground out about fivesixteenths (5/16) of an inch for the frame to fit in the hole.

Jim Pinterich was sufficiently impressed that he took the new window and has ordered three more. In our next edition of the newsletter, we will have a report from Jim on his experience installing the windows along with his evaluation of them. Stay tuned.

[Note: Jim completed the installation and reports being very satisfied. I'm waiting for his write-up in wh ich he describes the slight modifications necessary to fit the frames to the cabin.]


The above article is from Bill Phelon of the Ariel Association ( ). Bill also writes that portlights and heavy duty East Coast window frames can be gotten from:

- Carroll Harrington

Rostand, RI, Inc.

PO Box 737

Chepachet, RI 02814

(800) 635-0063

(401) 949-4268

The #10 oval opening port light is 3-7/8" by 7-5/8" The last recorded sale was for $258.16 (on Triton newsgroup)

The #120 window frame set is 11" by 23" The last cost figure I have ten years old, $219