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Triton Webbery:

The pictures show it. There's all sorts of new Triton goodies to be found on the web. First, Ray Alsup has put together an outstanding series of how-to web pages describing his ongoing (never ending?) renovation of Pegasus. Next, the National Triton Association is no longer "a dirt-road on the information highway". There's a sequence of new webpages loaded with all sorts of Triton info, stories and links. Finally, your gadget-loving TODSF secretary picked up a new scanner and some spiffy software that can sling all sorts of traditional paper information onto the web. For example, there is an entire one of Bill Bell's Improvement Bulletin as well as drawings, sailplans, accomodation plans, rig tuning information and Triton reading. We've also set up an e-mailing list that will allow Triton sailors to do what the web does best: communicate.

Here's what to do. Start at the National Triton Association webpage at

and start clicking around. In particular, check out the Maintenance, Improvement and Restoration pages (Ray Alsup again) as well as the Reading Room. Then sign-up for the Triton mailing list (and participate!}.