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'99 Racing Season by Ely Gilliam

The 1999 racing season will consist of 10 races (all singles) starting with Vallejo on the first week of May. Having experimented with double races for the last few years, we decided to go to singles in order to have a chance to return to the longer courses on Knox and the City Front. Two of the most special moments of racing are the jibe at Point Blunt on the way to "23" and the beat up the City Front from Blossom against the floodtide. We have not been sent on either of these courses on two-race days because of the amount of time needed to complete the courses. Tom Newton has vowed to win every race and run Bolero off the bay before the end of the season, but seems to have enough trouble with Viking, Sleepyhead, Hulakai, Dogstar and Ebbtide. The Plastic Classic/Perpetual Trophy race, hosted by the Bay View Boat Club, will be held as always in July (on the 17th) using working sails only. Please contact Ely Gilliam at 510-772-6539 if you are even a little bit interested in racing.

Race dates on TODSF calendar, enclosed.

How to sign up:

1- Fill out the YRA entry form on the next page. According to Linda Meyer of the YRA office, "Monday, April 26 is the deadline without paying a $35.00 late fee. Thursday is the final final day I will record new entries. Please encourage early sign up, however as late entries are always a problem." Got that?

2- If you're not a Yacht Club Member (you need to be) you can join the no-strings Cal Sailing Club for 75 bucks. See info, at below.