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- a one design championship -


SEPTEMBER 29, 30 and OCTOBER 1st., 2000

The Triton One Design Class of San Francisco Bay (TODSF) announces the 29th annual regatta on San Francisco Bay. Skippers and crew from our national fleets are invited to compete. All members and guests are invited to watch the racing from spectator boats or from the observation decks of the historic Corinthian Yacht Club, with itís commanding views of San Francisco and the bay. Plan now on attending our regatta and national dinner (Saturday evening). Every courtesy will be extended to our visiting members, including accommodations on our boats in the harbor (for the hearty ). Although final decisions are pending, the fundamentals will remain the same:
1) 2 races on Fri. (Sept. 29), 2 races on Sat., fifth and final race on Sun., no throw out races
2) Skippers meeting at 7:30 PM Corinthian bar, Thus. Sept. 28th
3) Skippers will provide their own spinnakers and spinnaker sheets
4) Each boat will have no more than 6 persons on board while racing, one person being the boat owner or a representative of the owner
5) Our patented round robin boat selection process will equalize boat assignments
6) Dinner and National meeting on Fri. or Sat. (Yet to be determined)
7) Entry fee $125 (approximate)
8) Dinner $45 (approximate)
9) The top 3 boats from the YRA summer series will represent TODSF
10) Official details will follow with the race instructions

We have the yacht club and the race courses reserved, we have the boats (I hope), do we have any competors? Contact Tom Newton (707) 552-2325