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This year's Vallejo was similar to last's in that it was dominated by an impeccably prepared and sailed Bolero. Setting the tone for the weekend, Ely Gilliam and crew made an incredible recovery from a you're-over-early-now-go-sail-around-the-end start. Just to prove it wasn't luck, on Sunday they stumbled into a giant hole and went from first to third. Bolero worked the light stuff and drifted well to the west of the fleet, but continued to lose ground. Suddenly the wind filled in from the south-west and Bolero went from distant third to solid first. First rate strategy that paid off.






Here's some photos. From the top: Sleepyhead chases Bolero past Angel Island. The order stays fixed 'till the end. Sleepyhead running and headstay reaching up towards Vallejo. Mike Borgerding shows off Viking's race wear. It also served well for the post-race party.

Ray and Roy found the same attire to be even more fashionable on Sunday.



Then the camera called it quits for the day.

In spite of the rain, it was fun!

Final results:

1- Bolero
2- (tie) Sleepyhead, Dogstar
(5 boats)