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cordially invite all '60s VINTAGE FIBERGLASS SAILBOATS to the

Sixteenth Annual




SATURDAY, JULY 15th, 2000

From 1000 until dusk at the Bay View Boat Club (Pier 54) and the waters off Pier 54. Trophy presentation and party at the Bay View Boat Club after 1800. The Race will not have a time limit,

* Eligable ves6els are AJI sailing vessels designed prior to 1970 and constructed of "Plastic"



All entries must be received by July 7th. Entries received after this date are late and must have a late entry fee included in addition to the regular entry fee. The fees are; Regatta, $40.00 - Concours d'Elegance, $30.00 - Regatta and Concours, $45. 00 - LATE ENTRY FEE, add $5. 00 to other fees. Members of US Sailing Association may deduct $5. 00 from their fee if they include a copy of their current USSA membership card.



Regatta: Warning signal at 1300. Separate starts will be given to each class with five or more entrants. There will also be a PHRF Division. The course will be 10 to 12nm. Trophies: The North Cup for fastest boat of the day on PHRF corrected time. All yachts will sail the same course and their times compared. There will be trophies for first for classes with five entrants, second if seven entrants, and third if nine entrants. Any protests will be heard immediately after the race and only if involving boats that may receive a trophy.



Concours d'ELegance: Yachts to tie up at the Bay View Boat Club for judging and to be viewed by public. Due to dock space constraints, ONLY BOATS ENTERED IN THE CONCOURS WILL BE ALLOWED TO TIE TO THE DOCKS. Judging will be done by a committee from the Bay View Boat Club and will take place between 1000 and 1600. Trophies will be awarded to The Prettiest Overall, for the Boat Owned By the Same Owner for the Longest Time, and first, second, and third in three categories; a) Nicest interlior, b) Simplest single hander, c) Most "stock" boat.




* T-Shirts: Regatta T-Shirts with the Jim DeWitt designed logo can be ordered with this entry or they may be purchased on the day of the Regatta. Polo and T-Shirts have full PC logo on back and the Logo device only on the front pocket; tank tops have full logo on front. Prices by mail are - Polo Shirt, $20.00; T-Shirt, $16.00; Tank top, $12.00.



For more information: BVBC (After 5pm) (415)495-9500 or John Super @ (415)243-0426


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