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The National Triton Association was established in 1966 by the Triton

Association of Long Island Sound. (TALIS)

PURPOSE: To promote and maintain the Triton Class as an excellent

racing and cruising boat throughout the United States by:

* Keeping a current list of Triton owners, National officers and

Board members, and Local Active Fleet officers.

* Communicating with Triton owners through the National Triton

Association's newsletter "THE TRUMPET", in matters such as boat

maintenance and care, improvement ideas, sailing experiences,

local and national activities, racing and cruising information.

* Sponsoring an Annual Triton Regatta with the Local Active Fleet.

* Encouraging local regional racing, safe and enjoyable cruising and

fellowship among Triton owners.

The above description of the BULLETINS and the NTA is as accurate today

as it was when written to preface the first "IMPROVEMENT BULLETINS"

in 1974. Like the first "BULLETINS", this new edition is built on

the work of NTA's retiring Secretary. Phyllis Van Vleet. All Triton

owners are in her debt for years of service to her local fleet, the

National Triton Association and Triton owners everywhere.

The ideas in the "IMPROVEMENT BULLETINS" came from many owners. My

thanks to them for taking time to send words and pictures to help

illustrate their good ideas. Any errors are my doing. The good

work of endless typing and assembly is that of my secretary, Peggy

Manning. Without her, we wouldn't have the book. The drawings in

the "Improvement" sections are the work of my wife, Pat, to whom I

owe thirty good years, four fine children and consistent encouragement

in sailing.

W. H. Bell Feb. '80


Triton W41 KAILOA



RYOT Triton 1328

Skipper - Dick Marshall

Puget Sound


San Francisco Bay

Photo by Leigh Abell